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We only sell Australian made Black Garlic from Australian grown raw garlic.


Black Garlic

Black garlic is raw garlic that has been cooked and cured for about a month. The result of this process is that the garlic becomes sweet and has a taste like molasses and balsamic vinegar with citrus overtones. The strong taste of the raw garlic has disappeared.

Our process is designed to maximise the amount of amino acids and antioxidants. There are many research papers published on the internet that detail the health benefits of black Garlic.

In Korea, black garlic was developed as a health product and it is still perceived as such. It is sometimes added to energy drinks and in Thailand is claimed to increase the consumer's longevity.

From a nutritional point of view, Black Garlic has a similar content of allicin, the active ingredient in White Garlic that imparts its benefits, but without the odour. Additionally, Black Garlic is rich in amino acids and has almost double the amount of antioxidants when compared to White Garlic.

Receipes for black garlic from 4000 years ago have been found in Korea.

One of the most popular research paper that you may want to read on the benefits of black garlic can be found here: or here for a more technical view:

 Black Garlic

·      Has no Offensive Odour

·      You can eat everyday

·      Has a sweet, savoury taste

·      Is chemical free

·      Grown in New England Highlands of Australia

·      Greater Health Benefits than normal Garlic

·      Lowers cholesterol levels

·      Reduce blood pressure

·      Kills Bacteria

also can assist with diabetes mangement

 Black Garlic Health Club

Australia Only.

As black garlic is expensive we are offering membership in this club where we will send you enough black garlic for you to have at least one clove per day for a month. We believe that the maximum health benefits from black garlic can be achieved by eating at least one clove of black garlic everyday.

The cost of joining the club is $25 per month, including postage. We are discounting the price because you commit to purchase 100g of black garlic each month for a year.

  • Joining this club for a year gives you a 25% discount on your black garlic.

  • Pay month by month.

  • Leave the club at anytime.

Ring Lynn on 0455 114 947 to join the club.

Before the black garlic is despatched payment must be made via the shop. Choose black garlic club monthly payment.

There are limited places (twenty) available until next year when there will be many more place available in the club. You can reserve a place in the club for next year when more black garlic will be available