Black Garlic Aioli

Black Aioli.jpg



Black Garlic cloves (2-3 or more to taste)

 Three egg yolks

Black peppercorns

Salt (to taste)

Lemon juice 0 teaspoon

Grapeseed Oil

Chilli (if you like it spicy)



1.    Blend mayonnaise and black garlic in a food processor.

2.    Add to the blender the three egg yolks, black garlic, a few black peppercorns, some salt to taste, and lemon juice.

3.    Start blending, then drizzle in grapeseed oil until it emulsifies and is nice and thick.

4.    Add chili for heat, or add more black garlic to intensify the flavour of the aioli.

James GillenBG Recipe